Action Alert: Support HB 639 in the NH Senate

Action Alert: Support HB 639 in the NH Senate

HB 639 would legalize the cultivation and sale of adult-use cannabis in New Hampshire. It would provide opportunities for Granite State farmers and businesses; raise funds for substance abuse prevention and treatment; and regulate the cultivation, processing, distribution and sale of cannabis and cannabis products in New Hampshire.

A growing body of evidence shows that cannabis legalization can decrease dependency on opioids. Here is one of many studies on the topic: Cannabis Significantly Reduces the Use of Prescription Opioids and Improves Quality of Life in Authorized Patients: Results of a Large Prospective Study. The study concluded: “The high rate of cannabis use for chronic pain and the subsequent reductions in opioid use suggest that cannabis may play a harm reduction role in the opioid overdose crisis, potentially improving the quality of life of patients and overall public health.”

Please take action today!

FIRST – Send a short personal note about HB 639 and the positive impact of cannabis regulation to your State Senator and aide.

SECOND – Send emails supporting HB 639 to these 5 senators in particular:

You can make your message about economic development, public safety, education, health care, science, criminal justice, or property tax relief. If you have a friend who lives in their district, ask them to do the same.

Here is how you can find contact info for State Senators and their aides at:

Follow up your email with a call, if you have time.

THIRD – Please submit Letters to the Editor and/or create social media posts in support of HB 639. Help spread the word!

HB 639 passed the New Hampshire House with a strong, bipartisan veto-proof vote of over 71%! It is time for the New Hampshire Senate to do the same!

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