NHPR Estimates $33 Million Windfall for New Hampshire

NHPR Estimates $33 Million Windfall for New Hampshire

NHPR’s Dan Tuohy reports a bill to legalize marijuana in New Hampshire in 2019 would raise $33 million per year. Regulation will come with it, much like alcohol is regulated in the state.

There is a lot of discussion from both sides regarding recreational legalization with opponents voicing a variety of concerns. State Representative Renny Chusing provided NHPR with the work of a recent marijuana study commission and is quoted as saying…

“We’ve done our best to address every concern that was raised, certainly every concern that was raised in the year and a half study that the Abrami committee undertook.”

According to the article, the current legalization bill would do the following.

  • Legalize up to one ounce of recreational pot and 5 grams of concentrated cannabis for those 21 and older.

  • Establish a cannabis control commission to license and regulate cannabis businesses.

  • Ban public consumption of cannabis, and give towns and cities a say via enacting ordinances prohibiting or limiting the number or type of cannabis establishments.

  • Ban locations from being within 1,000 feet of a school.

  • Prohibit cannabis businesses from selling alcohol.

  • Establish a drug monitoring initiative reporting on youth and adult rates of alcohol, cannabis and illegal drug use.

  • Tax $30 per ounce at the wholesale level.

  • Include language on manufacturing and testing and restrictions on advertising, safe packaging and warning labels.

  • Appropriate $2 million to create the Cannabis Control Commission.


here is more in the bill and Dan Tuohy does a great job in his run down covering the bill, bipartisan efforts and the outlook of what happens next.

To get up to speed on all the details visit the full article at NHPR.com.

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