NHCann Note: This is the ONLY senate primary happening this year, and the most important. Emily is challenging Senator Gannon who is against recreational and medical cannabis!

Rep. Emily Phillips NH Senate District 23 represents Brentwood, Chester, Danville, East Kingston, Epping, Fremont, Kingston, Kensington, Newton, Sandown, Seabrook, and South Hampton.

Emily Phillips is an Assistant Majority Leader in the House as a freshman State Representative from Fremont and is running the State Senate in District 23. She serves on the Special Committee for Childcare in the House and sponsored bills to expand individual liberties that Granite Staters value including bills related to medical freedom, nullifying federal overreach, supporting parental rights, and enhancing government transparency.

Emily supports a free market approach to legalizing cannabis and opposed the Senate’s bill which gave the government a monopoly on the industry. As state Senator she will continue to advocate for free market legalization and oppose a government-run model.

Phillips continues to receive top scores as a legislator from organizations such as the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, the House Republican Alliance, and RebuildNH. She has been endorsed by the NH Liberty Alliance and Make Liberty Win, the electoral advocacy wing of Young Americans for Liberty, as well as more than 100 current and former State Representatives and local officials.

Emily ran against an incumbent State Representative in 2022 who opposed bills that would grow our New Hampshire Advantage and expand individual liberties and won. She was quickly promoted to Assistant Majority Leader and worked with leadership in the House to pass several pieces of legislation that have now become law.

In the State Senate, Emily will continue this work to ensure New Hampshire becomes a better state to live, work, and raise a family.

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  • Meet Emily Phillips


    Emily lives in Fremont with her husband Tyler and three young children and is active in her local community. She was raised in North Andover, MA and graduated from Bryant University in Rhode Island.


    She and her husband Tyler, who was raised in Maine, chose New Hampshire to raise their family in 2010. New Hampshire’s low taxes, limited government, and value of personal freedom drew Emily and her husband to the state in 2010 to start their family.


    Phillips manages her fourth generation family packaging business in Derry. She enjoys baking sourdough bread, vegetable gardening, and taking opportunities to vacation with her family or taking day trips to New Hampshire’s beach communities.



Representative Erica Layon (Rockingham | District 13 | Derry) was the main sponsor of HB1633 demonstrating a tireless work ethic, hyper-intelligent understanding of policy and ability to find compromise to push the best version of cannabis legalization that represents the will of the people.

Rep. Layon has spent decades focused on studying risk both in school and in the real world. As a MIT Economist, she worked on Wall Street first as an options market maker who underwent 100 hours of intensive poker instruction to thrive in the trading floor pits, culminating her career as a Medical Device Analyst who worked with company executives and top doctors to bring new ideas to actual patient care.

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Disclaimer: Due to election laws we do not officially endorse political candidates or incumbent legislators. This content should not be misconstrued as an official endorsement.

  • After graduating from MIT with a degree in Economics, I traded options on the exchange floor and later became a stock analyst helping investors find and fund lifesaving and life enhancing medical devices in areas including cardiology, orthopedics,diabetes, stem cell therapy and neurology.


    My experience analyzing risk, identifying good and bad consequences of new therapies, and working with top doctors, investors and company executives should translate to serving the people of my district and all Granite Staters.



Rep. Anita Burroughs (Carroll | District 2) was the co-sponsor of HB1633 and proved to be a skilled Commerce Committee member and relentless behind the scenes star, helping to fight off the bill’s hijack attempt and getting the best version of the bill possible to the senate.

Anita is running for a fourth term for New Hampshire State Representative. She has filed to represent Carroll 2, which includes the towns of Bartlett, Jackson, Hart’s Location, Sandwich, Albany, Chatham, and Hale’s Location.

Anita Burroughs has worked to keep her constituents informed about issues of importance to the people of Jackson, Bartlett and Hart’s Location. She regularly meets with citizens of the communities in which she serves and has been effective in providing constituent services to those trying to navigate the state system.

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Disclaimer: Due to election laws we do not officially endorse political candidates or incumbent legislators. This content should not be misconstrued as an official endorsement.

  • My life started in a dramatic fashion when a small aircraft crashed into the building where my family lived with my grandparents. My parents did not have much money, and were lucky to have family that could help us financially. My grandparents worked hard in their poultry market and always saved enough to be available to help anyone in need. My parents followed suit with this tradition and were always there as a safety net for others. The value of being there to help others has stuck with me, and one of the reasons I am running is to ensure that citizens in New Hampshire have a safety net to support them.


    I was raised in New Jersey by two parents who worked incredibly hard in a small jewelry manufacturing business to take care of our family. My dad often worked six or seven days a week; during his busy season, it was not unusual for him to sleep in his office. My mom worked equally hard, playing a key role in managing the business. I was thankful to have grandparents who lived with us in a two family house; they were able to care for me when my parents were working.


    I met my husband Jonathan on a daytime talk show hosted by Tom Bergeron of Dancing with the Stars almost 30 years ago. It’s a long story, but we have been together ever since that fateful meeting. Many of you have met Jon in Memorial Hospital’s emergency room, where he worked as the Medical Director. My two stepchildren, Seth and Serena were young when our lives intersected, and are now adults living in Brooklyn and Anchorage Alaska. We are now blessed with a wonderful daughter-in-law, Elli, and two beautiful grandchildren, Aris and Nikki. I love being a Nana and seeing the world from a small child’s perspective.



Timothy Egan is a former State Representative living in Sugar Hill New Hampshire in Grafton 2 from 2018-2022, now seeking election to represent the residents of District Grafton 1.

He has been a staunch supporter of cannabis legalization in the state, even sponsoring and authoring cannabis bills in the House of Representatives. From 2019-2022 he was Chair of the House Democratic Cannabis Caucus, work that resulted in Gov. Sununu formally creating a cannabis policy in 2023. As well, he helped establish cannabis as a NH Gubernatorial campaign issue in the 2024 race.

In April of 2022 he added Instructor of Cannabusiness (BUS 2560) and Internship Coordinator for the Cannabis Studies Certificate Program to his 10 year career at P/T Faculty in the Business and Communications & Journalism schools at Vermont State University.

“Representative Egan is an outstanding human being and a legislator that truly represents and fights for the will of his constituents in northern New Hampshire. We look forward to continuing to work with him in the fight for legalization in our state.” – Daryl Eames | NH Cannabis Association

You can support his campaign by visiting his Facebook campaign page.

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Disclaimer: Due to election laws we do not officially endorse political candidates or incumbent legislators. This content should not be misconstrued as an official endorsement.

  • Media Analyst & Content Creator


    Tim is a specialist in broadcast and web based video content services in marketing and media affairs practicing in New England & Canada. Via offices in Sugar Hill, NH, & Boston, MA he researches; build relationships with; creatively implements; and analyzes the power of – the media industry for business, education and government clients.


    He is a Board Member & Media Advisor for Catalyst Story Institute/Content Festival in Duluth, MN guiding the development of digital video content. As well, a Consulting Executive Producer of broadcast television programming at Moody Street TV in Waltham, MA. He has two New England Emmy Awards as Writer/Director/Producer, among his 28 Emmy Nominations during his 25 plus year career in New England.


    He is Part-Time Faculty at sister schools in the Vermont Sate College System: since January 2014 teaching in the Visual Arts, English/Philosophy/Film and Business Departments at NVU-Lyndon; since Spring of 2016 teaching in the Business Department at NVU-Johnson. In 2016 named Co-Director of NVU’s incubator Without Walls, that supports small business development with experienced student labor. In 2020 he was elected NVU-Lyndon Delegate for Part/Time Faculty Union Chapter VT-AFT Local 7810.


    With a nod to media industry development, in 2012 he was named the inaugural Marketing Chair for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences until 2018 when it was incorporated into his current role: Chair of Strategic Planning. He served as National Trustee in 2010-2012, after two terms as President of the New England Chapter and Founding Co-Chair of Presidents Council for NATAS, from 2006 to 2010.


    Upon moving to NH, in 2011 Tim was appointed as Business Representative/Media Advisor to The NH/Canada Trade Council. In 2017 he was elected a VP for the New England Canada Business Council and named VP-Programs Chair in 2020; in 2018 appointed Treasurer of Catamount Arts in St. Johnsbury, VT. In 2018 he was elected to the NH House of Representatives for Grafton District #2. In 2020 he was re-elected and formed the House Dems Communications Team supporting sitting legislators.


    He is a principle in Sugar Hill Associates, a forward thinking media training firm teaching the power of media exposure and helping clients to maximize it. Along with communication content clients, he is a media/PR advisor to 11:11 Studios, A2C Consulting, Arcserve, The BIA of NH, The Canadian Consul-General of New England, The Cannabis Certification Council, NBC Boston, NECN, MIT’s Technology Review & Passumpsic Bank. He was a media services consultant to: Presidential Campaigns of Sen. Joe Biden (DE.) in 2008 & 2020, Gov. Jerry Brown (CA.) in 1992, Lt. Gov. Tim Murray (MA) in 2010, Sen. President Therese Murray (MA) in 2011 & Jim King for US Senate in 2012 (MA) and the NH House – Environmental Caucus from 2014-16.


    In his spare time he received an M.S. in Marketing (’15) magna cum laude at and lives in/enjoys the White Mountains of NH with his wife Betty & daughter Maggie.



Rep. Heath Howard (Strafford 4 | Barrington and Strafford) has been the sponsor of several therapeutic cannabis bills, is a patient himself, and believes that legalization needs to benefit users first.

Heath is running for his second term in the New Hampshire House and is looking to hear from constituents about their thoughts on legalization.

NHCann Note:Heath fought valiantly to stop the state take over of the cannabis industry last year and stood behind medical patients against the bill that would have taxed them 15% on their cannabis medicine.

Learn more about Rep. Heath Howard below and visit his campaign page here.

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Disclaimer: Due to election laws we do not officially endorse political candidates or incumbent legislators. This content should not be misconstrued as an official endorsement.

  • Meet Heath Howard


    I’m running for office because when I was 16 years old I broke my back, and that changed my life forever. That experience taught me a number of lessons about how poorly run our American healthcare system really is, like how important it is to have things like paid family leave and a single-payer system.


    Since then, I’ve been involved with New Hampshire politics by working towards progressive change. I began by getting more involved with my local Democratic committee, I became President of UNH College Democrats, and I volunteered my time for several Democratic campaigns.


    In 2022, my community gave me the honor of serving in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. My race was one of the most competitive in the entire state, and I belong to one of the few split-member districts. I’ve been focused on a number of issues from broadband access to education funding and election law.


    I am the Whip of the NH Progressive Caucus where I work to persuade my fellow Representatives to support things like reproductive healthcare, LGBTQIA+ rights, fair wages, our public schools, and a clean environment. If re-elected, I promise to fight for accessible broadband, fair school funding, protections for water quality, and cannabis legalization.