Valerie Sarwark is a pro-cannabis Libertarian State Representative Candidate running to represent Manchester Ward 2 (Hillsborough 17).

Valerie Sarwark resides in Manchester with her husband, Nicholas, and their four children. She serves on the board of several non-profit charitable organizations and works two jobs from home while raising her family.

“The ‘war on drugs’ has failed. Cannabis prohibition has caused more problems than it has solved, including unnecessary economic burdens, overloading of the criminal justice system and destruction of families and the well-being of the citizens of New Hampshire.”

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  • Valerie was born and raised in Loudoun County, Virginia and attended Old Dominion University before starting a career in finance and project management. Valerie has volunteered her professional and personal time to help many organizations, specifically focusing on family-related organizations.



Nicholas Sarwark is a pro-cannabis Libertarian County Attorney Candidate running to represent Hillsborough County.

Why is the County Attorney important for cannabis legalization and reform?

Simply put, the County Attorney is charged with the prosecution of felonies and misdemeanor appeals from the district courts. This means they have the power to decide if and how cannabis related criminal offenses are adjudicated. That makes this the important election you won’t hear much about from traditional media. And why we wanted to bring it to your attention so you can consider this candidate in the general election November 8th 2022.

“As a practicing trial attorney in Colorado during cannabis legalization, I saw first hand the economic benefits, cost savings in the criminal justice system, and reduction in crime that were produced by legalization of recreational cannabis. Prohibition is expensive and diverts scarce prosecution resources away from violent and property crime.”

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Disclaimer: Due to election laws we do not officially endorse political candidates or incumbent legislators. This content should not be misconstrued as an official endorsement.

  • Nicholas was born in Phoenix, Arizona. He graduated in 2008 from American University Washington College of Law with honors. Throughout the years, Nicholas has dedicated his professional and personal time to serving others, including distributing food relief to refugees in Albania during the Kosovo conflict.


    Nicholas launched his law career as a public defender in Colorado, where he served in one of the busiest Public Law Offices in the country, tried over 35 cases to a jury, and handled hundreds of felony and thousands of misdemeanor cases for the indigent accused. He moved from Colorado back to Phoenix where he ran for Mayor of Phoenix in 2018.


    In 2019, Nicholas moved to New Hampshire to raise his family in the Granite State with Live Free or Die values. Nicholas ran for Hillsborough County Attorney in 2020 seeking to improve the office by reducing its overwhelming backlog of cases that are currently taking multiple years to come to a resolution.


    In 2022, Nicholas is running again for Hillsborough County Attorney because the incumbent has not made any meaningful progress, and he believes a more modern approach is needed to address criminal justice in our communities, including the way that New Hampshire treats those accused of simple cannabis possession.



Timothy Egan is a Democratic State Representative from Sugar Hill New Hampshire representing the residents of District Grafton 1.

He has been a staunch supporter of cannabis legalization in the state, even sponsoring and authoring cannabis bills in the House of Representatives.

“Representative Egan is an outstanding human being and a legislator that truly represents and fights for the will of his constituents in northern New Hampshire. We look forward to continuing to work with him in the fight for legalization in our state.” – Daryl Eames | NH Cannabis Association

Representative Egan is running for re-election in 2022. You can support his campaign by visiting his Facebook campaign page.

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Disclaimer: Due to election laws we do not officially endorse political candidates or incumbent legislators. This content should not be misconstrued as an official endorsement.

  • Media Analyst & Content Creator


    Tim is a specialist in broadcast and web based video content services in marketing and media affairs practicing in New England & Canada. Via offices in Sugar Hill, NH, & Boston, MA he researches; build relationships with; creatively implements; and analyzes the power of – the media industry for business, education and government clients.


    He is a Board Member & Media Advisor for Catalyst Story Institute/Content Festival in Duluth, MN guiding the development of digital video content. As well, a Consulting Executive Producer of broadcast television programming at Moody Street TV in Waltham, MA. He has two New England Emmy Awards as Writer/Director/Producer, among his 28 Emmy Nominations during his 25 plus year career in New England.


    He is Part-Time Faculty at sister schools in the Vermont Sate College System: since January 2014 teaching in the Visual Arts, English/Philosophy/Film and Business Departments at NVU-Lyndon; since Spring of 2016 teaching in the Business Department at NVU-Johnson. In 2016 named Co-Director of NVU’s incubator Without Walls, that supports small business development with experienced student labor. In 2020 he was elected NVU-Lyndon Delegate for Part/Time Faculty Union Chapter VT-AFT Local 7810.


    With a nod to media industry development, in 2012 he was named the inaugural Marketing Chair for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences until 2018 when it was incorporated into his current role: Chair of Strategic Planning. He served as National Trustee in 2010-2012, after two terms as President of the New England Chapter and Founding Co-Chair of Presidents Council for NATAS, from 2006 to 2010.


    Upon moving to NH, in 2011 Tim was appointed as Business Representative/Media Advisor to The NH/Canada Trade Council. In 2017 he was elected a VP for the New England Canada Business Council and named VP-Programs Chair in 2020; in 2018 appointed Treasurer of Catamount Arts in St. Johnsbury, VT. In 2018 he was elected to the NH House of Representatives for Grafton District #2. In 2020 he was re-elected and formed the House Dems Communications Team supporting sitting legislators.


    He is a principle in Sugar Hill Associates, a forward thinking media training firm teaching the power of media exposure and helping clients to maximize it. Along with communication content clients, he is a media/PR advisor to 11:11 Studios, A2C Consulting, Arcserve, The BIA of NH, The Canadian Consul-General of New England, The Cannabis Certification Council, NBC Boston, NECN, MIT’s Technology Review & Passumpsic Bank. He was a media services consultant to: Presidential Campaigns of Sen. Joe Biden (DE.) in 2008 & 2020, Gov. Jerry Brown (CA.) in 1992, Lt. Gov. Tim Murray (MA) in 2010, Sen. President Therese Murray (MA) in 2011 & Jim King for US Senate in 2012 (MA) and the NH House – Environmental Caucus from 2014-16.


    In his spare time he received an M.S. in Marketing (’15) magna cum laude at and lives in/enjoys the White Mountains of NH with his wife Betty & daughter Maggie.



Ruth Larson is a Democratic Senate Candidate running to represent District 6 in the New Hampshire State Senate, a region which includes Alton, Farmington, Gilmanton, New Durham, Rochester, and Strafford.

“I support legalization of cannabis, and if elected to the NH Senate, I will vote in favor of legalization. The vast majority of NH residents favor legalization, and in my view the issue should be how to legalize, not whether to legalize. Unfortunately, although the NH House voted in favor of legalization in the spring of 2022, the NH Senate, including my opponent Senator James Gray, rejected both bills.

New Hampshire is now the only New England state that does not have legal marijuana. New Hampshire is, therefore, the only state in New England that gets no revenues from cannabis sales. We watch as our neighboring states all derive large profits from this commerce.

In my view, New Hampshire is overdue for change. One form of legalization under consideration has been to incorporate cannabis sales into liquor sales in state stores. I would instead favor private retail outlets, similar to what has been done in other states where cannabis is legal. In addition to encouraging competition likely to result in favorable pricing, this model would keep the cannabis supply chain in the hands of those with the most expertise. It would also avoid the issue of having the state itself, and state employees, involved in sales that are still technically illegal under federal law.”

Ruth Larson is running for election in 2022. You can support her campaign by visiting her campaign page or Liking her Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Due to election laws we do not officially endorse political candidates or incumbent legislators. This content should not be misconstrued as an official endorsement.

  • Meet Ruth Larson


    Ruth Larson was born in Washington, DC, and grew up in nearby Maryland. She attended Antioch College, in Yellow Springs, Ohio, graduating in 1971. After working for a couple of years, she then went to law school, graduating from Rutgers Camden Law School in 1975 with High Honors.


    After clerking for a judge for a year, Ruth then went to work at the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, where she handled civil litigation, defending state employees (including state police officers) and state agencies in state and federal court. During the rest of her legal career, she ran an insurance company law office in New Jersey, handling negligence and other types of claims in civil court. The cases that did not settle generally went to jury trials.


    Since the age of 4, Ruth has been coming to New Hampshire to be with family at an old farmhouse owned by her late grandfather on the Alton/Gilmanton border. Upon her retirement in 2009, Ruth and her husband (Hunter Taylor) moved to New Hampshire full time and built a house on land previously owned by Ruth’s mother.


    After spending a year or two enjoying retirement, traveling around New Hampshire, hiking, kayaking, and gardening, Ruth began to immerse herself in local and state issues. Her involvement started with writing letters to area newspapers, then expanded to include attendance at county and state meetings, testifying before the state legislature, and finally, running for office.


    In 2018 and again in 2020, Ruth ran for the NH House of Representatives for the then floterial district that included Alton, Barnstead, and Gilmanton. Her opponent, Ray Howard (also of Alton) was known for some crazy bills he proposed (requiring legislators to be paid in silver dollars, eliminating car registration and inspection, and others), and more recently, for being one of 13 state representatives who voted for the secession amendment that would have allowed NH to secede from the US.


    Although Ruth did not succeed in her bids for the NH House, her campaigns served an educational purpose, bringing out into the open some of the extremism in Belknap County. In addition to her campaigns, Ruth has been a prolific letter writer over the years, often shining a spotlight on some of the worst excesses of the FreeStater agenda, as well as pockets or racism and bigotry.