Cannabis Networking Events

Increase awareness of your brand within the NH cannabis community.
Expand your network of professionals to help grow your business.
Uncover hidden opportunities through your chain of human connections.
Tap into the human capital of fellow local professionals.


We are currently recruiting volunteers to run cannabis networking events throughout the state. Most cities and towns are currently open. If you are interested in running networking events please contact us today.

Attend Live Events to Make New Connections

Live networking events are a great opportunity to meet a larger pool of contacts on an ongoing basis. Events also rotate around the city providing you with more options to attend and get to know someone new.

Events are open to everyone and currently happen in the greater Manchester area. You can check our events calendar for an event that works for you.

We will be launching events in other areas of New Hampshire in the future and are looking for local leaders that want to take charge of events management in your area.

If you are interested in attending events in Manchester please check our events calendar often. If you are outside of the Manchester area and are interested in coordinating and managing events contact us today.