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Opportunities in the NH Cannabis Industry will be Limitless

Recreational cannabis will be legalized in the state of New Hampshire at some point in the not too distant future. When that happens, you’ll want to be ready to act.

Our mission is to connect, organize, educate and support the people and businesses in New Hampshire in anticipation of recreational legalization and we welcome you to join our community.

From the science of seeds, growing and cultivation to extraction, distribution, retail operations and everything in between, there isn’t much in the way of business that the cannabis industry doesn’t touch.

Whether you plan to own a cannabis based business, work for one, or provide services to the cannabis industry, now is the time to get involved, build relationships, increase your knowledge and get yourself and your brand recognized.


NH Cannabis News


Read HB481 in Full Here

Legalized States in the U.S.
Estimated Cannabis Sales in U.S. in by 2025
First 5 Days of Sales for 2 Dispensaries in M.A.
Potential Tax Revenue for NH per Year

NH Cannabis Progress at a Glance

HB 481 shipped off to interim study. Procedurally this move is a form of polite death. The battle for 2019 is lost, but the war is not over. We’ve lowered the progress bar from 60% to 20%.

Recreational Legalization20%
Medical Legalization100%

Meet the Team

Exciting times may lie ahead for the cannabis industry in New Hampshire. If you are interested in being a part of it, we should connect.

Bringing the NH Cannabis Community Together

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Industry Leadership
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Investing in Cannabis Businesses
Community Involvement
People Participating at Every Level
Making Connections in the Industry
Cannabis Education in Action
Business Directory
Connecting Local Businesses
Marketing & Publicity
Increasing Awareness of Industry Participants