About the NH Cannabis Association

The NH Cannabis Association was created to connect, organize, educate and support the community, entrepreneurs, advocates, legislators and investors interested in participating in, or supporting the local and growing cannabis industry as we move from medical to recreational legalization of cannabis.

We are a for profit organization registered as an LLC with the State of New Hampshire. We accomplish our mission through networking groups, networking events, conferences, discussion, content, media and local outreach.

If you are interested in getting involved or attending you can contact us to get more information. We are currently recruiting volunteers, individual sponsors and corporate sponsors to support our activities throughout the state of New Hampshire.

Thank you for visiting and learning more about us. We look forward to connecting with you in the future.

Daryl Eames

What We Do

We connect, organize, educate and support the NH cannabis community through a variety of programs and outreach. This includes networking groups, networking events, conferences and our online business directory. In addition, we profile advocates for legalization and investors supporting entrepreneurs looking to launch legal cannabis based businesses when recreational legalization arrives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a support mechanism for direct cannabis businesses and the cottage industry that will support them. Cannabis touches many industries from the farming, agriculture, cultivation, extraction, distribution, retail, financing and so many more. We believe recreational legalization will eventually happen and we want the community to be ready when it does.

Our Vision

We envision a day when NH based cannabis businesses will be as popular as our micro brewed beer. Just like with the micro brew or tourism industries, NH’s cannabis industry will need a strong association to help support and promote it to reach its full potential. That will require working with a range of people and organizations to leverage efforts across the industry.

Meet the NHCANN Team

Join us in welcoming the talented team of local professionals that comprise our growing team.

Daryl Eames
Daryl Eames

Daryl is a NH native and the founder of Loanviser Business Financing specializing in sourcing capital and essential services for the growing cannabis industry throughout the United States. He's also assisted various non-profits throughout the state of New Hampshire.

Timothy Egan
Timothy Egan
Chair - Board of Advisors

Timothy is a former two term NH State Rep; is a P/T Faculty Member for Vermont State University teaching in NVU's Business & Communications Departments and Castleton's Cannabis Certification Program. He's an Advisory Board Member to Storieroad Institute & its Catalyst Festival and a Vice President for the New England Canada Business Council. He is a specialist in broadcast and web based video content services for marketing and media relations practicing in New England, NYC and Canada.


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