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HB 1633 Public Hearing

CALL TO ACTION: HB 1633 (‘Live Free’ Bill Hearing)

This coming Wednesday, January 17, the NH House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee will host a public hearing on HB 1633 at approximately 2:45 pm.

HB 1633, the ‘Live Free’ bill, is an improvement on HB 639 from last year. …

Cannabis Farmer Survey Blog Post Cover Image

NH Farmers Survey Results: Cannabis Legalization

Throughout the months of August and September, we conducted a survey of New Hampshire farmers to understand their respective positions and opinions regarding the potential legalization of cannabis in the Granite State. Additionally, our survey sought to gauge their …

Action Alert: Support HB 639 in the NH Senate

HB 639 would legalize the cultivation and sale of adult-use cannabis in New Hampshire. It would provide opportunities for Granite State farmers and businesses; raise funds for substance abuse prevention and treatment; and regulate the cultivation, processing, distribution and …