NH Senate Judiciary Public Hearing on Multiple Cannabis Bills on 1/11/24

NH Senate Judiciary Public Hearing 1.11.2024

NH Senate Judiciary Public Hearing on Multiple Cannabis Bills on 1/11/24

Tomorrow, January 11, the NH Senate Judiciary Committee will host a public hearing, including multiple cannabis-related bills (all of them likely to produce more harm to Granite Staters than positive results).

Now is the time to call and email the Senate Judiciary Committee members, as well as your respective Senator to ask them to not support these harmful cannabis bills. Here are some details on the respective bill’s set for discussion:

SB 418: Relative to THC concentrations for driving offenses.

  • This bill aims to establish (scientifically-unfounded & arbitrary) limits for the allowable amount of THC in one’s blood to determine whether one is intoxicated while driving.


SB 419: Relative to THC limits in cannabis and reporting.

  • This bill will set a 16% cap on THC levels in cannabis products.


SB 426: Relative to the possession of controlled drugs in motor vehicles.

  • This bill aims to criminalize the transport of cannabis (and other controlled substances) in “accessible” areas of a motor vehicle—putting even passengers at risk of criminal penalties.


SB 505: Relative to the prohibition on the sale of hemp products containing certain levels of THC.

  • This bill aims to curb the sale of hemp-derived THC products.


We need to hold these elected official accountable for representing the will of the people, especially in regards to cannabis where more than 70% of citizens support common sense cannabis reform and legalization according to a 2023 poll. Enough is enough.

And this is where we can use your help! Please visit the links outlined below to do your part in helping to enact cannabis reform in the Granite State:

It’s long past due that a state that prides itself on the motto “Live Free or Die” takes the steps to truly enable cannabis freedom for its citizens.

Contact NH Cannabis Association

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