CALL TO ACTION: HB 1633 (‘Live Free’ Bill Hearing)

HB 1633 Public Hearing

CALL TO ACTION: HB 1633 (‘Live Free’ Bill Hearing)

This coming Wednesday, January 17, the NH House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee will host a public hearing on HB 1633 at approximately 2:45 pm.

HB 1633, the ‘Live Free’ bill, is an improvement on HB 639 from last year. For those that don’t recall, HB 639 was a coalition-crafted bill that was sponsored by the Majority and Minority leaders of the House and passed with the largest margin of “yes” votes in NH cannabis bill history.

We’ve taken that foundation and built upon it, improving free market access, adding funds for affordable housing projects, research and development, and more. Head on over to our recent blog post about HB 1633 for some specific highlights.

As such, now is the time to call and email the House Commerce & Consumer Affairs Committee members, as well as your respective House representatives, to ask them to support this common sense cannabis reform legislation.

And this is where we can use your help! Please visit the links outlined below to do your part in helping to enact positive cannabis reform in the Granite State:

  • Read up on the details of the bill, set for public hearing on Wednesday, January 17, here (HB 1633).



It’s long past due that a state that prides itself on the motto “Live Free or Die” takes the steps to truly enable cannabis freedom for its citizens.

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