Cannabis Bill Stalls in State Senate. This is Why You are so Important!

Cannabis Bill Stalls in State Senate. This is Why You are so Important!


ad news for recreational cannabis legalization for the state of New Hampshire dropped this week. This week the Senate is expected to vote to keep HB 481 in committee for the rest of the year, essentially ending the effort for 2019’s legislative session.

Dave Solomon’s article at the Union Leader quotes Senator Melanie Levesque (D – Nashua), member of the Senate Judiciary Committee as saying…

“We’re going to hear it again in January, but our thinking as we heard a lot of testimony from people who had concerns, and we wanted to make sure those were addressed to the best of our ability.”

The article continues to outline these concerns as…

  • Advertising directed towards children
  • Tamper proof packaging
  • How municipalities determine whether they can have an establishment and clarification around when/how that happens
  • Preserving opportunities for New Hampshire based entrepreneurs in manufacturing and retail sales

One huge takeaway from the article that Dave states that “Beyond those issues, there’s a public awareness campaign that needs to be waged, in which legalization opponents have outdone supporters in recent months.

“There is a lot more education on the bill that needs to be done by our caucus and others in the public”, states Levesque.

Bottom Line, there weren’t enough votes to overcome Governor Sununu’s promised veto. So rather than killing the bill, they put it on ‘pause’ until next year.

According to our sources, the percentage of NH citizens that want recreational legalization is in the high 60’s, maybe even in the low 70’s. If that is the case, it demonstrates the the vocal minority is winning the grass roots battle.

This is why you are so important! We’ll need your help to demonstrate the grass roots support for recreational legalization in NH.

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