Nothing to do while in Lockdown. We may as well Launch our Association!

Nothing to do while in Lockdown. We may as well Launch our Association!

Because, why not?

In reality we had the launch planned weeks ago, right about the time you know what happened. But pandemic or not, the show must go on.

So here we are, in all our glory, launching before the world!

All jokes aside, this is really important, and here’s why…

Because HB481, the recreational legalization bill, got a polite funeral a couple of months ago. Essentially ending that effort for the time being. Without a veto proof majority in the Senate there was no getting it by the Governor’s desk.

Looking back, here is what we learned from that effort.

  • Pro-cannabis legislators are working hard to get a recreational bill passed.
  • The Marijuana Policy Project is supporting them, mostly around crafting the legislation.
  • Americans for Prosperity is supporting them from an economic opportunity perspective.
  • The ACLU is supporting them from a criminal justice reform perspective.


Notice anything missing? We sure did, and that is why this is such an important day.

Nobody was representing you! The citizens that want to work at or own a cannabis-based business. The investment community that wants to invest in cannabis businesses.. Entrepreneurs and small business that want to provide services to the NH cannabis industry.

No one was representing you, giving your voice a platform, organizing your efforts or bringing you together.

Until now. So, where do we go from here?

Step one is to start organizing. We invite you to help us by…

  • Following us on our social media channels on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter & (quick links below)
  • Sharing our social media presence with like-minded individuals in your network
  • Contacting us at [email protected] if you are interested in attending or organizing a networking group in NH


That’s all for now. Aside from the boring press release at the bottom of this post.

Stand by as we’ll be in touch again soon!

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Contact: Daryl Eames

New Hampshire Cannabis Association llc

May 4, 2020

Phone: (617) 391-8648

Email: [email protected]




New Hampshire Cannabis Association was created to connect, organize, educate and support the NH cannabis industry. We are building a grassroots community of individuals, professionals and businesses to support recreational cannabis legalization in the Granite State, and to promote a strong, robust industry once it arrives.


MANCHESTER, NH.  According to Granite State Polls published by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center in 2019, 68% of Granite Staters supported legalization of adult use recreational cannabis.


So why is New Hampshire the only state in northern New England that does not have legalized recreational use of cannabis?

Because our representatives can’t hear us.


In 2019 HB 481, the bill that would have brought legalized recreational marijuana to the Granite State,  was tabled because our representatives didn’t have enough votes to override Governor Sununu’s threatened veto.


NH legislators are fighting for legalization, supported by organizations like the Marijuana Policy Project, Americans for Prosperity and the American Civil Liberties Union, national groups who are focused on crafting legislation and influencing legislators.


But they didn’t hear from the people who live here. From the people that want to work at, own or invest in a cannabis-based business or the cottage industry that will support them. They didn’t hear from you!


Supporters grumbled on the sidelines, but our citizens and local businesses lacked the community needed to present one voice to garner attention in Concord.


New Hampshire Cannabis Association is the Community.


Our goal is simple.

Connect, organize, educate and support the industry so we can be sure that our state creates strong brands that can compete and thrive now, and in the future when cross boarder sales may be a reality. Just some of the efforts to be undertaken will include.


  • Networking Groups
  • Educational Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Business Incubator


With our website, network, and social media campaigns, we are building a strong organized voice for New Hampshire’s cannabis community.


The reality is until we have a united community that legalization supporters can point to as proof positive that the residents of the state of New Hampshire want this to happen, we will continue to be at the mercy of the federal government.


If they do take action at the federal level before we do, New Hampshire will be beholden to the rules and regulations they put in place and not those that truly fit our unique state.


Let’s not continue to be an island of prohibition in New England. The time is here to get involved. We are currently organizing networking groups, looking for volunteers and encouraging businesses to support the effort with sponsorships and corporate memberships.


If you want to work at, invest in or own a cannabis-based business, or if your business wants to be part of the cottage industry that supports it, you are exactly the person we need to connect with.


The lights are on and the door is open. What happens next is up to you. Together, we can make legalization a reality.


Learn more about the NH Cannabis Association at and stay connected on social media.



New Hampshire Cannabis Association Bio:

Our goal is to connect, organize, educate and support the people, professionals and businesses in New Hampshire in anticipation of recreational legalization. Over the following months we will be recruiting volunteers, launching networking groups and hosting educational events throughout the state. Visit to learn more!




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