NH Cannabis Association Advisory Board – Phase 1 Announcement

NH Cannabis Association Advisory Board – Phase 1 Announcement

Manchester, NH — The NH Cannabis Association, the state’s leading trade group for the cannabis industry, is proud to announce the first commitments to the Board Of Advisors. Timothy Egan, inaugural Chair of the Board was happy to welcome, Dr, Joe Hannon of Manchester, Dr. Riley Kirk of Lancaster, John Grennon of Derry, Will Read of Wolfeboro and Dr. Phil Lamy of Castleton, VT.

Egan’s role is to develop NHCANN’s industry presence and legislative engagement as he focuses on the pending commercial and medicinal legislation for 2023. The first batch of advisors creates a diverse group of business and community leaders that value the cannabis industry.

Dr. Riley Kirk – is a north country NH based scientist who’s an innovative leader in the cannabis space. Dr. Kirk has her Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences and specializes in natural product chemistry. Riley is the lead scientist at the cannabis company Smokenol where she researches the chemical components of cannabis smoke, and produces products using the company’s patented technology. She also educates on cannabis and cannabis science and advocates for the destigmatization of cannabis use.

Dr. Phil Lamy – is an established leader in cannabis education in New England. As Sociology Program Coordinator, Dr. Lamy and his colleagues created the 12-credit Cannabis Studies Certificate Program at Castleton University in 2019, a program ahead of its time. The CSCP provides business, cultivation and cultural insights, capped by a hands-on internship. In 2023, the program will provide graduates the opportunity to take the Vermont CCB’s “Employee ID Topic Training” to turn out accredited VT cannabis employees.

John Grennon – is a long time security expert for the transportation, government and cannabis industries. As a retired Lieutenant at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Dept., John understands the importance that legal recreational cannabis can have, to help law enforcement focus their resources on more serious crimes. As Director of Security and New Business Development for Lan-Tel he has experienced the economic impact of the cannabis industry for IT, security and video technology.

Dr. Joe Hannon – served as a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives from
2014-2016. Joe was a member of the Senate and House Joint Task Force on the Heroin and Opioid Epidemic, served on the Governor’s Commission Opioid Task Force and as a member of the Strafford County Opioid Task Force. Dr. Hannon served as the public member, appointed by the governor, on the NH Commission to Study the Legalization and Taxation of Marijuana. He was the Chair of the NH Commission to Study Hypodermic Needles and Syringes. He was the prime sponsor of the original syringe bill in 2016, and has been credited for organizing and helping to get the syringe service bill passed into law in 2017. He is a Hand Up Health Services volunteer, and served on the boards of directors for several non profit organizations in recovery treatment, recovery community, and harm eduction. He worked with the Strafford County Public Health Network COVID-19 Incident Management Team as the Vulnerable Populations Group Supervisor from 2020-22. Joe is a retired podiatric surgeon, and a person in long term recovery from substance use.

Will Read – Is an entrepreneurial leader in marketing, advertising, web design and information
technology in New England. Raised in NH, Will splits his time between Wolfeboro and Burlington as CEO of CannaPlanners guiding brands on awareness, customer relations, data analytics and market research, via his blog that’s respected nationwide. His audience and consumer analysis skills are key to recognizing the economic impact cannabis has on retail, tourism and local business expansion.

Egan’s ability to bring diverse expertise the Board of Advisors will help NHCANN be a well rounded organization promoting the cannabis commercializations initiative in NH. His industry leaders assessment skills come from being a part-time faculty for the Cannabis Studies Certification Program at Vermont State University; producer of the 2019 Cannabis Sustainability Conference in Worcester, MA, and digital media coordinating producer for the Colorado based Cannabis Certification Council from 2019-2021.

NHCANN Executive Director Daryl Eames said, “We are excited by Chairman Egan’s recruiting of volunteer experts who’s backgrounds, experience and intellects will to support our activities in legalization, regulation and development of a cannabis industry in the state of New Hampshire.”

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Headquartered in Manchester, NH, the NH Cannabis Association connects, organizes, educates and supports communities, entrepreneurs, advocates, legislators and investors interested in participating in or supporting the local cannabis industry and the move toward legalizing recreational use in the state. The for-profit LLC accomplishes its mission through networking groups and events, conferences, discussion, content, media and local outreach.


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