Introducing the New Hampshire Cannabis Party

NH Cannabis Party

Introducing the New Hampshire Cannabis Party

Looking to get involved in ushering in the legal cannabis market in New Hampshire? Here is a great opportunity to help. Learn more about the NH Cannabis Party and ways you can support their candidates below!

New Hampshire Cannabis Party

The NH Cannabis Party was founded in June 2022 by Nathaniel Gurien of Sandwich, NH as part of an overall campaign he’s spearheading to finally legalize cannabis in NH, with a goal of passing not just acceptable legislation but a comprehensive framework done right that can serve as a model for the nation. Attached is a draft summary of proposed principles. All recipients of this email are welcome and encouraged to weigh in with comments, suggestions and criticism for improvement.

Nathaniel is a declared candidate for state rep in Carroll City District 2 (Chatham|Jackson|Bartlett|Albany|Harts Location|Hales Location|Sandwich) running on the NH Cannabis Party line, and Kaitlyn McCarthy is likewise running for the senate in District 6 (Alton|Gilmanton|Farmington|New Durham|Rochester|Strafford). Kaitlyn needs upwards of 1000 registered voters’ signatures to qualify for the November ballot so please reach out to her directly if you can help her with that project.

We’ll need everyone’s help to push this through next year, so please contact Nathaniel, Daryl or Kaitlyn with any contribution you can make in the way of resources, talent, tools, organization, polling, campaign skills and contacts, fundraising, door-knocking, social media, recruiting or any other way you might be able to volunteer and contribute to the campaign.

Kaitlyn and Nathaniel are first primarily focusing on collecting and submitting signatures asap and before the August 10th deadline. Meanwhile, Nathaniel is also working on finalizing the legal organization and filings, banking, MC/Visa for donations, website, logo, graphic design for website, lawn and tabling signs, palm cards, door hangers, etc. He’s working to coordinate with all stakeholders, campaigners, and sympathetic candidates throughout the state to collaborate, synchronize and support each other.

In the next week or so, we’ll be finalizing the specific key senate races to focus on to assure we have the votes to pass legislation next year. Any input, suggestions and help in this area will be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested, please reach out to Nathaniel.

Nathaniel Gurien, Executive Director

  • 90 Odell Hill Rd, Conway, NH 03813
  • E: [email protected]
  • T: (603) 677 6494

Want to support our work? Consider making a donation or becoming a corporate member. Every contribution helps us to fight for cannabis reform in New Hampshire!

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