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SAFE Banking Act Introduced in House of Representatives

Author Michelle Rutter at thecannabisindustry.org reports on March 13th that last week the SAFE Banking Act was introduced in the House of Representatives. Known in long form as the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act it was introduced by …

NHPR Estimates $33 Million Windfall for New Hampshire

NHPR’s Dan Tuohy reports a bill to legalize marijuana in New Hampshire in 2019 would raise $33 million per year. Regulation will come with it, much like alcohol is regulated in the state.

There is a lot of discussion from …

NHBR Reports NH Cannabis Sales to Quadruple by 2021

With the legalization of medical cannabis came New Hampshire’s first three dispensaries. In the last fiscal year that added up to $5.1 million dollars worth of cannabis sales.

“Last fall, the state vastly expanded the number of qualifying conditions that …