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Meet Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity is dedicated to the belief that every person has a unique set of gifts and the ability to contribute to society in their own way, an idea that has inspired progress since our country’s founding.

Driven by this belief, Americans for Prosperity engages in broad-based grassroots outreach to advocate for long-term solutions to the country’s biggest problems that prevent people from realizing their incredible potential — unsustainable government spending and debt, a broken immigration system, a rigged economy, and a host of other issues you can explore.

American for Prosperity activists engage friends and neighbors on key issues and encourage them to take an active role in advancing a free and open society, where every person can realize their American dream. We recruit and unite concerned individuals in all 50 states to advance policies that will help people improve their lives.

The AFP has been instrumental in generating grass roots support and citizen centric efforts in New Hampshire. They also work with pro-cannabis law makers to influence legislation, lobby our politicians to end prohibition and organize New Hampshire residents who desire medical and adult recreation legalization.

If you are interested learning more about the Americans for Prosperity and getting involved you can visit their digital properties below to get started!

Meet Ross Connolly of AFP-NH

Meet Ross Connolly,  Deputy State Director at Americans for Prosperity NH